New Cards!


Crazy Goat Lady

It’s terrible! Every time anyone comments on my crotcheting I want to dive into a long winded explanation about it being homegrown yarn! I’m shamelessly shoving my project at them telling them to feel it! That it’s from my own goats! People almost always flinch. I expect they want to smell their hand after they touch it! Come on people! Be glad I’m not making you smell it!! It has been washed & smells like mountain breeze whatever… I actually worry that buyers may be offened by a perfume smell so I only use the fabric softener on my own stash! My vet and I accidentally strayed into a discussion on my goats and yarn habit when I had our dog in for a checkup the other day. I instantly decided I like her because she thinks my yarn is cool! HA!  She asked about the website & a card which made my day. And so, I ordered cards today. I wish I’d done so sooner since Yellow Springs Wool Gathering at Jersey Dairy Farm is this weekend…. I’d have liked to have been able to share them there. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to enjoy the shopping & take it easy on the socializing. I’m looking forward to hanging out with other crazed fiber enthusiasts though!

New Colors !

I ignored the vacuuming & laundry waiting to be folded and I dyed yarn! Never ever in my life thought that statement would bring me such joy… but here we are! Stalls did get cleaned (they are dirty again… oh well!) Coop still needs tending as does the yard! House was cleaned… gilrs have happily been attending school, cheer & soccer practices- I love life! Thankfully we have a weekend around the corner. And regardless of it all, yarn is colored and drying as we speak! Its so fun to plan projects as I design the different color combinations. We have some varigated pink- enough for a baby girl blanket, some green & blue blend, some purple & blue blend- enough for baby blankets. Also have several other skeins for scarves, purses, whatever! I happily charted out the girls games yesterday in anticipation of lots of time to work on my  projects! I love this time of year. I bribed my honey withe the promise of a “Chilli” weekend- for those who arent close family: this means he gets to make his wonderful chilli & we will enjoy it all weekend long! It’s just the right blend of sweet & heat with steak and chunks of cheese & onion.. also lots of little tweaks that I sneak in to “his” recipe! (Don’t tell him!) And our best news for last! Pears Avenue in Lima will be selling our scarves! Hopefully blankets & purses too! I’m also working on getting the yarn placed in a local hobby store & hoping to secure one more spot east of town. Keep watching!

Okay really, I wanna DYE! Last two weeks have been crazy with getting ready for fair & my girls showing horses… I guess only fair showing families can really “get it.” I remember my curiosity before the days of my girls showing at the fair… i never really understood the hype & whining.. now I get it & laugh as I see other new families getting it!  Anyway, really wanted to dye up some yarn to work with while “on vacation” at the fair & it just never happened despite my desperate desire! This week has been much of the same… cleaning up from fair, housework, barn work, laundry, back to school shopping & hair braiding & getting ready for labor day festivities… big ole family reunion!  Still wanting to get the dye party on… its do or die tonite! Guess I should say “dye or don’t!”  Still have soccer & cheerleading practices to get thru… stalls & a coop that really need some attention… oh, and a yard that needs BIG help… we’ll see what wins out! I’m having visions of pink, orange & yellow for this go-around. I did finish a cowl & headwrap last night while visiting with my grandma as the girls shared their fair adventures. I’m thankful for that. I also know if I dont get a dye lot done for my next project that i can start on a natural baby blanket. Thats on my list too. And some purses! Keep watching for more postings- probably next week. I have a feeling that my neighbors are going to have to suffer another week of our overgrown yard!

My Studio

Okay, really it isn’t so much a studio as more realistically: mom’s corner of the living room for all her yarn stuff! Someday!